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  1. Jeanne Poppe Not all budget cuts are created equal to Austin. Post-Bulletin (2011-02-01).
  2. Political Notebook: First budget showdown at Capitol looming?. Post-Bulletin (2011-02-02).
  3. Senate takes $930 million whack at Minn. budget shortfall. Post-Bulletin (2011-02-03).
  4. Doug Grow Senate passes GOP deficit-cutting plan on party-line vote. MinnPost (2011-02-03).
  5. Cyndy Brucato Spending cuts have GOP legislators worried -- about reaction in their own districts. MinnPost (2011-02-04).
  6. Joe Kimball Dayton education plan to include increased funding. MinnPost (2011-02-04).
  7. Joe kimball $1 billion GOP budget cut plan in conference committee today. MinnPost (2011-02-07).
  8. Joe Kimball Dayton and GOP legislators getting along well, so far. MinnPost (2011-02-07).
  9. Mary LaHammer Budget bill races towards governor. MinnPost (2011-02-08).
  10. Mary Lahammer 'No more cuts' chants fill Capitol. MinnPost (2011-02-08).
  11. Dayton seeks no-shutdown pledge in State of State. Post-Bulletin (2011-02-09).
  12. GOP legislators tepid on Dayton's State of State. Post-Bulletin (2011-02-09).
  13. Heather J. Carlson Dayton says now is the time invest for state's future. Post-Bulletin (2011-02-10).
  14. Heather J. Carlson Proposed child-protection cuts worry counties. Post-Bulletin (2011-02-10).
  15. Joe Kimball U of M students to rally at Capitol for higher education funding. MinnPost (2011-02-10).
  16. Joe Kimball First budget cut bill on its way to governor's desk -- what will Dayton do?. MinnPost (2011-02-10).
  17. Michael Zittlow Dayton calls for tax increase in speech. Minnesota Daily (2011-02-10).
  18. Dayton vetoes $900 million budget cutting bill. Post-Bulletin (2011-02-11).
  19. Heather J. Carlson 2-year teacher pay freeze OK'd by Senate. Post-Bulletin (2011-02-11).
  20. Jay Furst Court system in jeopardy, chief justice says. Post-Bulletin (2011-02-11).
  21. Heather J. Carlson Dayton to unveil his budget solution. Post-Bulletin (2011-02-11).
  22. First cuts won't be deepest in Minn. budget debate. Post-Bulletin (2011-02-13).
  23. Half of Dayton's deficit fix comes from higher taxes on the wealthy. Post-Bulletin (2011-02-15).
  24. Michael Zittlow Dayton wants $171M higher ed cut. Minnesota Daily (2011-02-16).
  25. Cali Owings Students to raise voices over rising costs. Minnesota Daily (2011-02-16).
  26. Heather J. Carlson Governor, GOP leaders to visit Rochester offering different takes on budget proposal. Post-Bulletin (2011-02-16).
  27. Minn. GOP leaders: Deficit fix to involve public workers. Post-Bulletin (2011-02-18).
  28. Michael Zittlow Dayton proposes work study, financial aid cuts. Minnesota Daily (2011-02-22).
  29. Cali Owings Students put ‘the heat on’ Leg. to support U. Minnesota Daily (2011-02-23).
  30. Jeff Hansel Nursing homes say cuts put care in jeopardy. Post-Bulletin (2011-02-24).
  31. Senate GOP to Dayton: We won't raise taxes. Post-Bulletin (2011-02-25).
  32. Jenna Ross Bruininks: Cuts at U won't do job. Star Tribune (2011-02-23).
  33. John Hageman Cuts could mean higher bus fares. Minnesota Daily (2011-02-28).


  1. Time for GOP to present a full budget. Post-Bulletin (2011-03-01).
  2. Heather J. Carlson Deficit is smaller, but political divide remains big. Post-Bulletin (2011-03-01).
  3. Baird Helgeson Budget: Less pain, some gain. Star Tribune (2011-03-01).
  4. Heather J. Carlson Budget forecast brings $1.2 billion in good news. Post-Bulletin (2011-03-01).
  5. Heather J. Carlson Genomics partnership makes the case for continued funding. Post-Bulletin (2011-03-01).
  6. Cali Owings Student jobs on the line in proposed cuts to work-study. Minnesota Daily (2011-03-01).
  7. Heather J. Carlson Ex-lawmaker says cuts-only will be devastating. Post-Bulletin (2011-03-03).
  8. Heather J. Carlson Tax-relief legislation would benefit medical lab. Post-Bulletin (2011-03-04).
  9. Dan Sparks Republicans must be willing to compromise on budget. Post-Bulletin (2011-03-05).
  10. Minn. GOP plans hit agencies, social services. Post-Bulletin (2011-03-11).
  11. Hal Henderson Prioritize budget on existing resources. Post-Bulletin (2011-03-11).
  12. GOP budget proposal targets spending cuts. Post-Bulletin (2011-03-11).
  13. James Nord Leg. Republicans: $411 million cut to higher ed. Minnesota Daily (2011-03-10).
  14. Rachel E. Stassen-Berger City, county aid cuts decried. Star Tribune (2011-03-12).
  15. Pat Dpyle GOP moves to cut light-rail money. Star Tribune (2011-03-22).
  16. Baird Helgeson Public pay, benefits set off new 'civil war'. Star Tribune (2011-03-22).
  17. Heather J. Carlson College officials give cuts a failing grade. Post-Bulletin (2011-03-23).
  18. Heather J. Carlson House proposal would restore genomics funding  (англ.). Post-Bulletin[en] (2011-03-23).
  19. Minn. Senate GOP tax bill revives local aid cuts. Post-Bulletin (2011-03-23).
  20. Conor Shine House’s University cuts total $161.9 million. Minnesota Daily (2011-03-23).
  21. Warren Wolfe Senate committee passes deep-cutting health bill. Star Tribune (2011-03-25).
  22. Heather J. Carlson House bill lowers taxes for some residents. Post-Bulletin (2011-03-29).
  23. Don Davis Dayton wants to see complete GOP budget plan. Post-Bulletin (2011-03-29).
  24. Don Davis Senators vote to take Range money to balance budget. Post-Bulletin (2011-03-29).
  25. GOP bill would cut Meals on Wheels programs. Post-Bulletin (2011-03-29).
  26. Minnesota lawmakers OK cuts on parks, safety, colleges. Post-Bulletin (2011-03-29).
  27. Michael Zittlow Leg. begins passing budget bills. Minnesota Daily (2011-03-29).
  28. Minn. K-12 bill ups pupil payments, cuts programs. Post-Bulletin (2011-03-30).
  29. Heather Rule Cuts could mean fewer rides in Mower County. Post-Bulletin (2011-03-30).
  30. Heather J. Carlson Minn. Senate passes $1.6 billion in cuts to health care. Post-Bulletin (2011-03-30).
  31. Warren Wolfe Senate OKs cuts in care for poor. Star Tribune (2011-03-30).


  1. Heather J. Carlson County braces for public safety funding cuts. Post-Bulletin (2011-04-01).
  2. Dan Sparks[en] Budget numbers just do not add up. Post-Bulletin (2011-04-02).
  3. Chuck Handlon Republicans won't get high marks for education plan. Post-Bulletin (2011-04-02).
  4. Heather Carlson Budget work moves toward reconciliation phase. Post-Bulletin (2011-04-04).
  5. Real budget-balancing is about to begin. Post-Bulletin (2011-04-05).
  6. Minn. Senate tax bill has tax breaks for business. KARE (телеканал)[en] (2011-04-05).
  7. GOP plan highlights. Star Tribune (2011-04-05).
  8. Michael Zittlow Freshman reps shape state’s budget battle. Minnesota Daily (2011-04-06).
  9. A mixed bag of education proposals. Star Tribune (2011-04-07).
  10. Baird Helgeson Senate GOP passes budget plans. Star Tribune (2011-04-07).
  11. Minn. House approves deep cuts in health spending. Post-Bulletin (2011-04-07).
  12. Jay Furst State budget deficit remains, but said to be improving. Post-Bulletin (2011-04-08).
  13. Rachel E. Stassen-Berger Dayton irks friends, embraces foes. Star Tribune (2011-04-12).
  14. Mike Mullen Dept. of Human Rights faces cuts. Minnesota Daily (2011-04-12).
  15. Mike Mullen Justice, in the balance. Minnesota Daily (2011-04-12).
  16. Baird Helgeson Dayton: GOP plan comes up $1.2B short. Star Tribune (2011-04-13).
  17. James Nord Dayton, higher ed advocates talk budget cuts. Minnesota Daily (2011-04-13).
  18. Eric Roper Minn. GOP leaders surrounded by budget grousing. Star Tribune (2011-04-14).
  19. Dayton signs minor trims for Minn. farm programs. KARE (телеканал)[en] (2011-04-15).
  20. Heather J. Carlson Walz votes for budget deal. Post-Bulletin (2011-04-15).
  21. Dan Sparks[en] Ag budget on its way to governor's desk. Post-Bulletin (2011-04-18).
  22. 'Soup Truck' rolls into St. Paul to assail Dayton budget. KARE (телеканал)[en] (2011-04-19).
  23. Michael Zittlow In session’s final weeks, a break, then back to work. Minnesota Daily (2011-04-20).
  24. Governor signs ag funding bill. Post-Bulletin (2011-04-21).
  25. Baird Helgeson Outlines of a budget deal at the Capitol?. Star Tribune (2011-04-24).
  26. MN GOP lawmakers take off on budget fly-around. KARE (телеканал)[en] (2011-04-25).
  27. Heather J. Carlson Lawmakers head back to work with budget plan at top of list. Post-Bulletin (2011-04-25).
  28. Ray Schmitz Lawmakers again ignore real issue on probation violations. Post-Bulletin (2011-04-25).
  29. Rachel E. Stassen-Berger 'I didn't get here by blinking,' Dayton warns. StarTibune (2011-04-26).
  30. Heather J. Carlson Dayton is 'less optimistic' about budget deal. Post-Bulletin (2011-04-29).


  1. Kyle Potter Lawmakers aim budget ax at medical training fund. Minnesota Daily (2011-05-03).
  2. John Croman Gov. Dayton still hopeful session can end on time. KARE (телеканал)[en] (2011-05-04).
  3. Joe Kimball Minnesota Majority's 'over-the-top' soup truck travels state mocking Dayton tax plan. MinnPost (2011-05-05).
  4. James Nord Still-optimistic GOP can't pinpoint budget progress. MinnPost (2011-05-05).
  5. Rachel E. Stassen-Berger Dayton stands firm on budget. Star Tribune (2011-05-05).
  6. Rachel E. Stassen-Berger State VA chief: Budget cuts by GOP would hurt veterans. Star Tribune (2011-05-05).
  7. Janet Kubat Willette Ag funding bill has money for ag education. Post-Bulletin (2011-05-05).
  8. James Nord Dayton, legislative leaders repeat familiar budget rhetoric. MinnPost (2011-05-06).
  9. Mark Brunswick Vets budget ignites partisan tangle. Star Tribune (2011-05-07).
  10. Bob Von Sternberg Thousands rally against taxes, spending at State Capitol. Star Tribune (2011-05-07).
  11. Dan Sparks[en] We're still waiting for GOP budget proposal. Post-Bulletin (2011-05-07).
  12. Work on Minn. budget bills expected to pick up. KARE (телеканал)[en] (2011-05-09).
  13. Mary Lahammer Budget stalls, ballot questions surge. MinnPost (2011-05-09).
  14. Dayton expects Minn. budget talks to pick up speed. KARE (телеканал)[en] (2011-05-10).
  15. Heather J. Carlson Outlook grim for budget deal by deadline. Post-Bulletin (2011-05-11).
  16. James Nord College students complete 96-mile Capitol journey to protest higher-ed budget cuts. MinnPost (2011-05-12).
  17. Joe Kimball New DFL website criticizes GOP lawmakers. MinnPost (2011-05-12).
  18. James Nord With 80% of budget through conference committees, GOP and governor are nearly ready for negotiations. MinnPost (2011-05-13).
  19. James Nord Budget progress at the Capitol?. MinnPost (2011-05-13).
  20. Joe Kimball DFL-dominated big cities say GOP cuts target them, their schools. MinnPost (2011-05-13).
  21. Doug Grow House leaders lower the curtain on 'Draz plan' -- and kibosh colorful political theater. MinnPost (2011-05-13).
  22. MinnesotaCare at risk in state's $5B problem. KARE (телеканал)[en] (2011-05-15).
  23. Scott Seroka One week left, Minn. budget deal still elusive  (англ.). KARE (телеканал)[en] (2011-05-16).
  24. Doug Grow Top items on Dayton's agenda? Likely, choosing vetoes and calling a special session. MinnPost (2011-05-16).
  25. Jay Wiener Dayton says he's going halfway -- and no farther -- in budget compromise. MinnPost (2011-05-16).
  26. Mary LaHammer Budget offers have begun. MinnPost (2011-05-16).
  27. Jay Wiener In budget battle, Dayton moves to 'midfield,' but Republicans say they won't budge on raising taxes. MinnPost (2011-05-16).
  28. Heather J. Carlson Governor's fishing for a budget deal. Post-Bulletin (2011-05-16).
  29. Jay Wiener Gov. Mark Dayton 'pessimistic' after morning budget meeting with GOP leaders. MinnPost (2011-05-17).
  30. Mary LaHammer Budget vetoes next?. MinnPost (2011-05-18).
  31. James Nord No visible progress Tuesday on state budget solution. MinnPost (2011-05-18).
  32. Joe Kimball While we were sleeping, legislators worked on ... and on. MinnPost (2011-05-18).
  33. Doug Grow When it comes to state budget, business groups don't always agree on what's good for business. MinnPost (2011-05-18).
  34. Brian Lambert Shocker! Legislature grinding toward a special session. MinnPost (2011-05-18).
  35. Jay Wiener Senate DFL plans hearing to measure effects of GOP budget cuts. MinnPost (2011-05-18).
  36. James Nord Dayton says he will reject GOP's budget bills. MinnPost (2011-05-18).
  37. Brian Lambert Budget blame game: Dayton, legislators pointing fingers. MinnPost (2011-05-19).
  38. Doug Grow Gov. Mark Dayton enters GOP session to a warm ovation but leaves on a chillier note. MinnPost (2011-05-19).
  39. Doug Grow Suddenly, GOP legislators seem to be losing the 'message battle'. MinnPost (2011-05-20).
  40. James Nord Dayton, GOP leaders met today, plan more weekend get-togethers. MinnPost (2011-05-20).
  41. Brian Lambert Nasty storm outbreak rips North Minneapolis, area. MinnPost (2011-05-23).
  42. Doug Grow With budget failure, both GOP and DFL legislators will have to sell the public on their solution. MinnPost (2011-05-23).
  43. Brian Lambert Zellers explains difference in 'overtime,' special session. MinnPost (2011-05-23).
  44. Mary LaHammer Religion sparks capitol again. MinnPost (2011-05-24).
  45. Mary LaHammer Workers rally while session ends. MinnPost (2011-05-24).
  46. Doug Grow Like a bad New Year's Eve party, legislative session's last day was a big dud. MinnPost (2011-05-24).
  47. Joe Kimball Legislators try another fly-around to rally support for their budget bills. MinnPost (2011-05-24).
  48. James Nord Gov. Mark Dayton vetoes all GOP budget bills, foresees likely state government shutdown. MinnPost (2011-05-24).
  49. James Nord Disappointed with Dayton vetoes, GOP legislative leaders say government shutdown still can be avoided. MinnPost (2011-05-24).
  50. Mary LaHammer Government shutdown 'strong likelihood'. MinnPost (2011-05-25).
  51. Joe Kimball Today it's Dayton's turn to fly around state and push his version of the state budget. MinnPost (2011-05-26).
  52. Eric Black Are Repubs bluffing?. MinnPost (2011-05-26).
  53. Cyndy Brucato Outflanked by Dayton, GOP leaders try to regroup on budget debate. MinnPost (2011-05-27).
  54. Mary Lahammer DFL fly around. MinnPost (2011-05-27).
  55. Brian Lambert GOP to Dayton: 'Grow up and get serious'. MinnPost (2011-05-27).
  56. Curt Brown For many state workers, shutdown hits now. Star Tribune (2011-05-29).
  57. Steve Brandt Court ruling snarls Minneapolis pension deal. Star Tribune (2011-05-31).
  58. Doug Grow 'Contingency plan' for state parks in the works if government shuts down. MinnPost (2011-05-31).


  1. Brian Lambert Pre-shutdown, layoff notices go out to 800 cops. MinnPost (2011-06-01).
  2. Mary Lahammer Shutdown lay-off notices going out. MinnPost (2011-06-01).
  3. Joe Kimball Legislative fiscal commission members named. MinnPost (2011-06-01).
  4. Joe Kimball Dayton, GOP leaders to meet Friday on budget. MinnPost (2011-06-02).
  5. Joe Kimball First round of layoff notices for state shutdown delayed. MinnPost (2011-06-02).
  6. Joe Kimball GOP-dominated legislative fiscal commission will grill commissioners today. MinnPost (2011-06-02).
  7. Eric Black If state constitution is enforced, this shutdown could be horrible. MinnPost (2011-06-02).
  8. Mary Lahammer Governor calls for mediation in budget. MinnPost (2011-06-02).
  9. Brian Lambert GOP on mediation idea: 'No'. MinnPost (2011-06-03).
  10. Website Aims To Prepare Minnesotans For Government Shutdown. WJON (радиостанция)[en] (2011-06-04).
  11. Brian Johnson No road work ahead: Shutdown would be bad timing for seasonal contractors. Finance & Commerce (2011-06-06).
  12. Govt. shutdown could mean 6,000 layoffs for MnSCU. KARE (телеканал)[en] (2011-06-09).
  13. Jim Maurice SCSU, SCTCC Prepare To Send Out Layoff Notices. WJON (радиостанция)[en] (2011-06-09).
  14. In the House, centrist Republicans could play a pivotal role in budget fight (2011-06-10).
  15. Brian Johnson Bad timing for new OSHA rules on fall protection?. Finance & Commerce (2011-06-13).
  16. Corey Mitchell A sojourn through the storm. Star Tribune (2011-06-14).
  17. Rachel E. Stassen-Berger Dayton outlines 'painful' shutdown. Star Tribune (2011-06-16).
  18. Chris Newmarker Minnesota construction jobs bounce back, but still down for count (updated). Finance & Commerce (2011-06-16).
  19. Jeff Severns Guntzel Footnotes to the shutdown: Dayton told us how many he'd keep, but how many will be left behind?. MinnPost (2011-06-16).
  20. Doug Grow What it will take to find a Minnesota budget solution. MinnPost (2011-06-06).
  21. Joe Kimball Republican leaders to offer budget proposal today. MinnPost (2011-06-16).
  22. Joe Kimball Union wants banks to help schools in case of shutdown. MinnPost (2011-06-16).
  23. GOP offers $200M for budget, but Dayton not impressed. MinnPost (2011-06-16).
  24. Eric Black GOP legislators, voters group will ask court to block spending during a shutdown. MinnPost (2011-06-17).
  25. James Nord Minnesota's budget battle is unique among many states' financial problems. MinnPost (2011-06-17).
  26. Joe Kimball Stillwater lift bridge would close in state shutdown. MinnPost (2011-06-17).
  27. Joe Kimball Ten days and counting to shutdown: Dayton and Koch won't take pay if it happens  (англ.). MinnPost[en] (2011-06-20).
  28. Joe Kimball Court brief says the 'frail elderly' must be cared for in case of state shutdown. MinnPost (2011-06-20).
  29. Joe Kimball GOP to Dayton: We've compromised, so it's your turn. MinnPost (2011-06-20).
  30. Joe Kimball Dayton's office calls GOP 'out of touch with reality'. MinnPost (2011-06-20).
  31. Eric Black Legal twists and turns as government shutdown draws near. MinnPost (2011-06-21).
  32. James Nord House panel votes to retain Magnuson in shutdown case. MinnPost (2011-06-21).
  33. Brian Johnson State shutdown could idle Minnesota’s weatherization efforts. Finance & Commerce (2011-06-21).
  34. Eric Black Few, small developments in shutdown legal case. MinnPost (2011-06-22).
  35. Joe Kimball GOP legislators talk transportation in Owatonna and Rochester. MinnPost (2011-06-22).
  36. Zebra mussels may benefit from government shutdown  (англ.). WDAY-TV[en] (2011-06-22). Архивировано из первоисточника 23 июня 2011.
  37. Joe Kimball Dayton, legislators don't seem optimistic as they head into afternoon talks. MinnPost (2011-06-22).
  38. Joe Kimball Legislators from both sides discuss budget and Vikings tonight. MinnPost (2011-06-22).
  39. Eric Black Supremes dismiss constitutional challenge, for now. MinnPost (2011-06-22).
  40. James Nord Weekend 'lock-in' of Dayton, GOP leaders a last-ditch effort to reach budget agreement. MinnPost (2011-06-22).
  41. Andrew Owens Commissioner worries about government shutdown effects on elderly, disabled. Post-Bulletin (2011-06-22).
  42. Brian Johnson As shutdown looms, contractors warn of ‘massive disruptions’ (updated). Finance & Commerce (2011-06-23).
  43. Brian Johnson Highway contractors working overtime as shutdown looms. Finance & Commerce (2011-06-24).
  44. Dayton, GOP meet for marathon budget talks. Post-Bulletin (2011-06-25).
  45. Dayton, GOP hole up for 2nd day of budget talks. Post-Bulletin (2011-06-25).
  46. Minn. budget talks continue as shutdown approaches  (англ.). Post-Bulletin (2011-06-26).
  47. Brian Johnson U of M’s oldest Twin Cities building in line for a makeover. Finance & Commerce (2011-06-28).
  48. Brian Johnson Minnesota road work and bridge projects at risk. Finance & Commerce (2011-06-28).
  49. No news better be good news on budget talks. Post-Bulletin (2011-06-28).
  50. Minn. anglers who need licenses advised to buy now. Post-Bulletin (2011-06-28).
  51. Kay Fate. Post-Bulletin (2011-06-29).
  52. Jeff Hansel Medical licenses would not being processed, renewed during shutdown. Post-Bulletin (2011-06-29).
  53. Minnesota judge limits services to stay open in shutdown. Post-Bulletin (2011-06-29).
  54. Brian Johnson Highway contractors wrap up work to prepare for shutdown. Finance & Commerce (2011-06-30).
  55. Governor, lawmakers put in long hours in negotiations. Post-Bulletin (2011-06-30).
  56. Sixteen and ready to drive? State puts on brakes. Post-Bulletin (2011-06-30).


  1. State's closed for business but Dayton, GOP leaders have no talks scheduled. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-01).
  2. Mike Klein State shutdown has impact from day care to courthouse. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-01).
  3. Vulnerable feel the pinch of state shutdown. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-01).
  4. Jeff Hansel Q A: Area legislators describe ways to resolve impasse. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-01).
  5. Minnesota Democrats fight GOP's 'no new tax' stance. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-02).
  6. Mark Sommerhauser Despite shutdown, many lawmakers take checks. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-03).
  7. Jeff Hansel Closure cuts funding for child care. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-03).
  8. Dayton hopes to return to budget talks. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-05).
  9. Social services beg for money in Minn. shutdown. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-05).
  10. Vandals hit closed state parks. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-06).
  11. Shutdown causes added pain, costs millions. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-07).
  12. Latest meeting produces no progress. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-07).
  13. Andrew Owens Minnesota has no budget, but two-thirds of lawmakers will accept checks this month. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-07).
  14. Mondale-Carlson group weighs in on shutdown. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-07).
  15. No budget talks in Minn. on Day 7 of shutdown. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-08).
  16. Shutdown could slow Mayo expansion in Mankato. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-09).
  17. In St. Paul, little urgency to end shutdown. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-09).
  18. Meeting will explore tax breaks. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-11).
  19. Mike Dougherty Dayton plans to visit Rochester, region to talk budget. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-11).
  20. Minnesota bond rating downgraded over budget woes. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-12).
  21. Dayton details budget impasse in St. Cloud visit. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-12).
  22. Minnesota Democrat seeks to ally 6 GOP House members. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-12).
  23. Mike Dougherty Dayton plans to visit Albert Lea, region to talk budget. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-13).
  24. Watering holes feel sting of shutdown. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-13).
  25. MillerCoors becomes casualty of Minnesota shutdown. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-13).
  26. Editorial: Dayton yields on income tax — will GOP reciprocate?. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-14).
  27. Dayton says he will accept GOP proposal to end shutdown. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-14).
  28. Edie Grossfield Local lawmakers react to Dayton's offer to end shutdown. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-14).
  29. Dayton, GOP leaders forge a deal to end shutdown. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-14).
  30. Seeds of future problems in Minn. budget deal. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-15).
  31. Minnesota special session expected early next week. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-15).
  32. Matthew Stolle Budget deal further stretches school funding. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-16).
  33. Budget deal may not include Mayo Civic Center funding. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-18).
  34. Don Davis State Capitol reopens; first spending bills surface. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-19).
  35. Jeffrey Pieters Special session budget bills get mixed reviews from area legislators. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-19).
  36. Minn. lawmakers OK budget, assure end to shutdown. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-20).
  37. Christina Killion Valdez State government will take 'a while' to get up and running. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-20).
  38. Jeffrey Pieters Budget funds training center, Lake Shady project. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-20).
  39. Jeffrey Pieters Done deal. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-20).
  40. Both parties give something to end shutdown. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-20).
  41. Minn. government reopening after 20-day shutdown. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-21).
  42. State agencies start to reopen after 3-week shutdown. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-21).
  43. Christina Killion Valdez Clinic has good first impression of health budget. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-21).
  44. State services slowly begin again. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-22).
  45. Andrew Owens Although the shutdown is over, its lasting effects are felt. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-22).
  46. Heather Rule Rest areas reopen to give travelers a break. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-23).
  47. Heather Rule Riverland relieved but concerned about shutdown resolution. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-23).
  48. Tobacco bonds in state budget deal come at hefty price. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-24).
  49. Madeleine Baran A look at the new HHS budget. Post-Bulletin (2011-07-25).
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